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Thermocouple Cables

Based in Haryana (India), we are a renowned Thermocouple Cables Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. Made up of high grade insulating material, our Thermocouple Cables provide great inertness with various chemicals, oil or grease. They are known for possessing excellent insulation resistance and are light in weight. The Thermocouple Cables find wide application in glass steel cement plant, chemical plants or laboratories, power plant, ferrous or non ferrous metal plant and petrochemical plants. Customers can avail from us Thermocouple Cables in simplex, duplex or multi-pair construction as per the requirement.

Constructional Features :              

  • Thermocouple Type : R,S,B, J, K, T, E, N,C
  • Conductor : extension grade (abbreviated by 'x') or compensating grade (abbreviated by 'c') solid or stranded in wide range of size.
  • Core insulation : as per table 1
  • Core laying : in form of pairs, color coding as per IEC, ANSI and JIS specification, pairs identified by stripe lining
  • Screening : with copper silver or nickel plated or tinned plated copper screened almyler screening individual & overall with drain wire
  • Outer Sheath : as per table 1
  • Braiding : Stainless steel braiding by ss wire from 0.08 mm to 0.25 mm
  • Varnished fibre glass heat protective shield
  • Armoring : by galvanized wire stripe (for PVC)
  • Voltage Grade : up to 1100 volt
  • Flexibility : Excellent


Insulation Temp. Range Properties
Fibre glass (Braided) -72oC to 600oC Extra High Temperature Resistance
Varnished Fibre glass (Braided) -72oC to +350oC High Temperature Resistance
Kapton (Tapped)

-260oC to +310oC


Thin insulation, Temperature resistance


PEEK (Extruded) -180oC to +260oC Excellent response in nuclear radiation

PTFE (Wrapped)


-260oC to +260oC


Less diameter, high electrical and chemical property
PFA (Extruded) -260oC to +260oC

Less diameter, high electrical and chemical property


Silicon (Extruded)


-40oC to +200oC Good abrasion resistance
FEP (Extruded) -200oC to +200oC Less diameter, high electrical and chemical property
FR PVC 10oC to 70oC Fire resistance PVC